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Anti-Aging Hormones

Anti-Aging Hormones - Unbelievable Wonder Drug Or Genuine anti-aging Help?

The human body is literally awash with different types of hormone. Hormone levels increase and decrease wildly depending on certain environmental and personal factors. In many cases, hormone levels will eventually return to normal, however, as we age many of these hormone levels in our body have a tendency to decrease without any sign of recovery. Without anti-aging hormones, that is. The four hormones that are most commonly associated with signs of aging are:

Human Growth Hormone

How Anti Ageing Hormones Work

The theory behind using anti-aging hormones or supplement decreased hormone levels in our bodies is an extremely simple and logical argument. These hormones are all vital to our continued health. By supplementing them and replacing those missing in our body it is often possible to slow the aging process and remain healthy for longer.

An introduction To DHEA

DHEA is a natural hormone found in the body that creates estrogen and testosterone. When the body stops creating DHEA, it becomes more susceptible to diseases typically associated with the aging process. These diseases include a loss of bone and muscle mass, insulin resistance and many more

.What Melatonin Can Do

Melatonin is the body's natural antioxidant and younger adults and children create an ample amount of Melatonin but, again, as the body ages it creates less and less Melatonin. Anti-aging hormones that provide Melatonin have become increasingly popular not just with those who are trying to defeat the signs of aging but also because they act as a mood enhancer and can help defeat insomnia.

The Increase In Hormone Use

anti-aging hormones have become the latest weapon in the fight against the negative effects of aging. HGH is of particular interest to many because of its almost miraculous results. HGH controls the rate of growth of muscles and bone within the body and it can also help to reduce fat, strengthen the liver, and much more. As with many of the body's hormones, as we age our body creates a reduced amount of HGH.

Taking Supplemental Hormones

It is possible to take anti ageing hormones in a range of ways. As well as injections via your physician or anti-aging clinic it is also possible to take supplements that contain anti-aging hormones. Creams, ointments and lotions are also available and each has their own benefits and potential side effects. The most common method of taking anti-aging hormones is via a supplemental product because the capsules are easy to take, readily available and generally offer the right dosage per capsule. Some forms of anti-aging hormones may require that you visit a physician or anti-aging clinic in order to be prescribed an injection or capsules, as they cannot be sold over the counter.

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