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Anti-Aging Supplements

The Aging Process Differs For Each Of Us

It is blatantly obvious that each of us age at a different rate; it would be virtually impossible and quite possibly a futile experiment to try and find two people that age in the same way and at the same rate. While there are a number of theories that suggest the reasoning behind this, it is likely that it is due to a number of contributing factors. Environmental factors must play a part but so too must diet, general health, stress, bad habits and many more. Anti-aging supplements can help to slow, prevent and in some cases even partially reverse the negative effects of some of these.

Anti-Aging Cocktails

GeneraAnti-Aging Supplementslly speaking, the most effective anti-aging supplements are the cocktail of supplements that contain a number of different drugs and ingredients. These anti-aging supplements attempt to help right all the wrongs that are contributing to the aging process within your body. However, these are generally considered to be more effective than specific anti-aging drugs because they attempt to single-handedly combat any and all potential problems. A lot of the ingredients may not be particularly beneficial but with over 50 active ingredients in many anti-aging drugs it is a safe bet that one will be of some use.

Free Radicals And The Damage They Inflict

One of the more common theories related to the aging process and, more specifically, what can be done to fight the aging process is the oxidation theory. Free radicals are created within the body when oxygen molecules lose an electron. The free radicals then attempt to take an electron from another molecule or it may try to give its remaining electrons to another, nearby molecule. In doing so, the free radical is doing much more harm than good and over time, roaming free radicals within the body cause the signs of aging that we all try to avoid.

Using Antioxidants To Combat Free Radicals

Initially you may want to concentrate on finding anti-aging supplements that are centered on the inclusion of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight the free radicals that are in your body and by eating a healthy, balanced diet and supplementing nutrients and vitamins that you lack in your dietary intake you can help the process along.

Anti-Aging Supplements That Include HGH

Another popular theory is the decrease in hormones that our bodies face as we age. In particular the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production reduces significantly the older we get. HGH is responsible for the growth and rejuvenation of tissue and as the HGH levels in the human body drop, signs of aging naturally appear. These signs aren't purely physical - fatigue and listlessness are two of the earliest symptoms of a low HGH level.

The Anti-Aging Conclusion

While all of this may sound particularly depressing and more than a little confusing, there is no reason to panic. anti-aging supplements are widely available and each one has its own advantages and its own method of fighting the aging process. Look for anti-aging supplements, in particular, that contain antioxidants and HGH supplements.

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